Logs and lumber, the basics of furniture…right here at Unify Floor

Unify Floors offers an extensive range of logs and lumber that can be cut into various sizes to be used for a variety of applications. Logs and lumber available from Unify are perfect for furniture making, creating chokhats, handtools , handicrafts, door and window frames and even decorative carved grills.

Unify floors sources the finest logs and lumber from selected suppliers. The Logs and lumber undergo weathering and seasoning and are further kiln dried for perfect moisture balance.

We offer logs and lumber in steam beech, white oak , white ash, American walnut, red oak, sycamore and maple varieties.

Logs and lumber are sourced ethically with the accent on environment-friendliness. Each log is checked thoroughly and processed to perfection to yield optimal number of planks that can be used for a range of applications. Unify Floors stocks the widest range of logs in various diameters and lengths, each with the guarantee of being free from pests, perfectly processed and ready for immediate use.