The new generation cladding that makes paints obsolete

Unify offers a range of gorgeous exterior cladding using laminates as the material. Laminates have inherent advantages over paints as the perfect wall cladding and ceiling material since they never crack, peel, discolor or stain. Manufactured with a base of thermoset resin bonded boiling waterproof ply and topped with thermoset resin that is impervious to water and resistant to fungus, acids, alkalis and most chemicals, these cladding materials with laminates weather well and will last for decades with minimum maintenance. The exterior cladding can be washed with ease and the colors are UV resistant. They will never  fade.

Unify HPL cladding (Facadiam)is available in a variety of colors, textures, patterns and natural wood grain finish in plain, matt, silky and glossy appearances to suit tastes.