Floors can be vistas unto themselves. Functional and aesthetic, floors undergo harsh treatment yet must remain looking beautiful for a long long time. Unify Floor’s range of flooring offers a heady mix of looks and performance at prices that opens up new vistas in flooring ideas.A variety of materials has been used for flooring purposes. In recent times synthetic materials such as PVC are being used for flooring in addition to vitreous ceramics. However, stone and wood are timeless. Of these two materials stone may be one of the durable but wood has its attractions. The typical grain structure of wood that is unmatched by any other material. Besides it is a natural heat and insulator with a nice feel for a feet.

There are options when it comes to wood flooring. One can use natural wood tiles cut into shapes to create a unique parquet floor .It is possible to use engineered woods with their convenience, durability and aesthetics that match real wood but at a far more affordable price point. Wood, whether engineered or natural ,lends itself to a variety of staining and polishing techniques that further personalize looks and it is no wonder that wood is making a strong comeback.